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Who We Serve: Service Providers

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WHO WE SERVE: Service Providers

​We believe our service providers are the backbone of our business model. We strive to offer competitive rates, quick payment, and direct contacts for all of your service related questions. 

Why work with us?

  • Negotiable Rates: All of our rates are entirely negotiable. Your partnership is important to us. We want to help grow your business, too. 

  • Multiple Payment Options: No one can wait months to be paid, so you choose how and when you'd like to be paid. We offer ACH, credit card, and check payments.

  • Parts Mark Up: Retail costs still apply to parts, even ones held in your inventory. We offer part mark up on any part needed to complete a repair. Best part is, it's negotiable.

  • Nationwide Volume: No matter where you are, we will have a job for you. With thousands of dealers nationwide, including online, we want the best of the best taking care of our mutual customers. 

  • Variety of Products: We cover everything! Here are some of the products we cover: appliances, electronics, furniture, cameras and lenses, mobile electronics, lawn and garden equipment, jewelry, home theater, power tools, fitness equipment, and more!

  • Personalized Logins: We offer our service providers logins to the exact same system we use. Our team in Service Network will host trainings on our system, build a relationship with your team, and even visit onsite for technician trainings and industry updates. 

Contact us for more information on building a lucrative program for you. 

Already a partner? 

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