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New Leaf is a 360 degree service solution. By partnering with multiple A-rated insurance carriers, we're able to offer unique, customizable programs that are tailored for you and your customers. From service contracts to customer care to OEM support, we've got you covered. 

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Appliance Retailer

“Getting started with New Leaf was quick and easy. They worked with me to build a unique service contract for my customers.”

Service Contract Customer

“I'm so thankful for New Leaf! The servicer was out quick and really knew his stuff! Thanks, New Leaf!”

Insurance Partner

“New Leaf is truly focused on building a mutually beneficial program. They're always finding ways to strengthen our relationship.”

What is a Service Contract?

Service contracts and traditional insurance products share a lot of similarities, though service contracts are unique in many ways! When it comes to compliance, New Leaf service contracts are subject to the same regulating bodies that traditional insurance companies are, which means anyone purchasing a New Leaf service contract can rest easy knowing they're backed by multiple A-rated insurance carriers, and protected by state regulatory compliance standards.

That's great! But what does a service contract do?  Well, a service contract is a contract that can be purchased from a selling retailer to safeguard your purchase from future mishaps and repairs that the manufacturer of that product just doesn't cover. Plus, our service contracts can be up to ten years of coverage compared to most manufacturer's standard one-year product warranty. That's an additional 9 years of coverage available under a service contract! New Leaf service contracts also protects against failures like power surge and accidental damage on most portable products, which isn't covered by any manufacturer warranty. We also offer additional benefits like food loss reimbursement if your refrigerator fails and you lose food, or cable/internet credits for services you paid for while your TV was being repaired. There's many benefits to purchasing a service contract on your appliances, electronics, lawn and garden equipment, furniture, jewelry, and more, but peace of mind that you won't get stuck with costly repair bills even years after you purchase your product has to be at the top of the list!

Fixing Appliances
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