New Leaf Welcomes Chat Bot

IRVING, TEXAS Apr. 19, 2019 -- New Leaf Service Contracts, LLC announces the addition of Facebook Messenger Chat Bots to aid in simple and easy customer service solutions.

New Leaf plans to incorporate these chat bots to assist with customers needing information on setting up a new claim, providing updates on existing claims, troubleshooting and live Q&As.

The chat bot will be able to identify the model number of a customer's product as well as walk through troubleshooting as listed in the owner's manual of the product. Being able to troubleshoot via chat will allow for New Leaf to provide 24/7 troubleshooting as well as provide information on the status of the claim and important contact information.

By moving towards simple artificial intelligence components and upgrades, New Leaf is able to provide better customer service by having the necessary information before speaking with a customer. The addition of the Chat Bots is one of many updates to come to make the service request quick and the claims process easy.

Dan Pressley, VP of Operations, and Call Center Director, Aubrey Jones, are heading the implementation and integration of new AI upgrades throughout every stage of the claim life-cycle.

In addition to Pressley and Jones, Approvals Team Lead and software developer, Peyton Hicks-Brown has dedicated countless hours to customizing New Leaf's customer service software. As he as been a member of the New Leaf team for five years, Hicks-Brown is very familiar with the internal pieces of the company and offers critical insight to bettering our customers' service experience.

"We have really spent a lot of time researching new technology and ways to provide a better service experience for our customers," said Dan Pressley, VP of Operations at New Leaf Service Contracts. "This is just a small part of what we are looking to launch in 2019. We are very excited to continue our growth in providing the best customer experience in the industry," said Pressley.

For more information on Messenger and Messenger's features:

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