Cyber-Clean Up on Aisle One!

IRVING, TEXAS Apr. 22, 2019 — New Leaf Service Contracts unveils step one of the Q2, 2019 marketing revamp—a website face-lift.

It's 2019—we’re no stranger to accessibility. Having the world at our fingertips has opened up so many opportunities for worldwide networking, instant communication and feedback, plus an overwhelming amount of knowledge—all with a tap of a screen!

After reviewing the evolution of New Leaf since its founding in 2011, New Leaf looked critically at how the industry had changed in a mere 8 years. It's not just customer service that's winning over consumers--it's convenience.

As we move through this technological world, the importance of being able to find the information takes precedence over knowing the information. Younger generations have become avid researchers that rely less on principle knowledge and more on applied knowledge.

In an effort to provide accurate information to consumers, New Leaf has developed a "Customer Information" section. This section of the website not only provides useful links for customers with open claims, but it also provides information on what a service contract is, how to extend the life of your product even without a service contract, and downloadable instructions and service expectation guidelines.

Leading the website update is New Leaf's Sales & Marketing Manager, Allie Hicks: "I really wanted to provide a central source of information for our company. Not only will our customers and potential customers have access to the information they need, but our retailers and service providers will have customized areas as well--tailored to their role as a valuable New Leaf partner." said Hicks, "In addition to our customers, retailers, and service providers, we've also revamped our Employee Center. We can't do this without our awesome team, which is why it was so important to me to provide a space just for them."

The new website is now live and can be viewed by visiting:

Join us as we turn over a New Leaf!

Questions? Reach out to

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